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October 2021

Framework wins Outstanding Planning Award

By Plan
The Alabama Chapter of the American Planning Association awards the City of Tuscaloosa the Outstanding Planning Award for Framework! The Outstanding Planning Award for a Comprehensive Plan recognizes an outstanding comprehensive plan addressing the long-range development of an area, town, city, county or region. In addition to the Outstanding Planning Award for Framework. The city also received an Outstanding Planning award for Elevate Tuscaloosa and a Distinguished Leadership Award was given to Mayor Walt Maddox. The Alabama Chapter of the American Planning Association helps residents of Alabama improve the quality of their lives through rational and comprehensive approaches to physical,...
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Special meetings to introduce code process (Oct 11 & 12)

By Code

The Tuscaloosa Planning and Zoning Commission will meet on October 11, and City Council will meet on October 12 for orientations and training to formally begin the Framework Code Update. The purpose of these meetings is for the Tuscaloosa Planning and Zoning Commission, the City Council, and the public to get an overview of the Code Update process, meet the consultants from Clarion, learn about roles and responsibilities, and provide an opportunity for feedback and questions. Both meetings will be livestreamed. Anyone may participate in the Planning and Zoning Commission’s meeting in-person or through video conferencing and mobile devices. To…

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