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1. Ideas for the Future

Think about Tuscaloosa today and in the future. What do you think are the greatest opportunities for making our city a better place in the future? You could think in terms of the city’s physical characteristics (places, buildings, streets, open space) or other characteristics of prosperity (people, jobs, services, amenities, and recreation).

Please submit one idea at a time. You can submit this form multiple times.

What are your ideas

2. Opportunities Mapping

Think about places in Tuscaloosa that offer opportunity to make the community stronger in the future. Opportunities may be places that reflect well on the community today and should be protected or strengthened; Or they could be places with unmet potential, or places that represent conditions you’d like to see changed or improved.

Mark places on the map and tell us about them.


You can identify one place at a time. For large areas, you can put the marker on a specific representative location. Click on the map to get started, then use the form to label, name, and describe the place. Once you click the submit button, your marker will be saved and you will be able to identify a different place.

1. To move a marker, click and hold on the marker and drag it to a new location.
2. To zoom in/out, use the + and - buttons.
3. To pan the map view, Click and drag away from the marker.

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3. Please, tell us about yourself

This information will help the planning team know how participation compares to Tuscaloosa’s demographics. Responses are anonymous.

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